14. Mai 2017

Quelle: https://www.bi.edu/research/business-review/articles/2014/03/personality-for-leadership/

„High scores in the five personality traits give us the following five characteristics of very effective leaders:

  • 1. Ability to withstand job-related pressure and stress (leaders have a high degree of emotional stability).
  • 2. Ability to take initiative, be clear and communicative (leaders are outgoing, with a high degree of extraversion).
  • 3. Ability to innovate, be curious and have an ambitious vision (effective leaders have a high degree of openness to new experiences).
  • 4. Ability to support, accommodate and include employees (effective leaders display a high degree of sociability).
  • 5. Ability to set goals, be thorough and follow up (effective leaders are generally very methodical).“

… und Frauen ahben die besseren Ergebnisse!!!

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