Generation Y ist nicht anders als andere

4. September 2014


„Peter Cappelli, the George W. Taylor Professor of Management at The Wharton School, has studied the research done on Millennials and says it comes up short. „There is no real serious evidence that there’s a generational difference,“ he says. (…)

Of course, it’s helpful to know how to manage people at different ages. He notes that this is where the cafeteria approach to benefits originated – the idea that people had different needs at various points in their lives. And in researching for his book, Managing the Older Worker , he learned that teams that incorporate different aged workers perform better. „It’s smart to have young people and older people work together. They don’t see each other as competition and are more likely to help each other,“ he says.“

Autorin: Amy Gallo

Quelle: http://www.harvardbusinessmanager.de/blogs/erwartungen-der-generation-y-im-beruf-a-982540-2.html

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